Tools and materials for cleaning swimming pools

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Tools and materials for cleaning swimming pools

Сообщение merehan » 05 июн 2021, 21:43

Swimming pools
There is no doubt that swimming pools provide a lot of entertainment and enjoyment to the vast majority of people, but these swimming pools are often exposed to pollution as a result of the accumulation of dirt and debris in them, which may result in some health problems, or damage to the swimming pool equipment, so it is imperative. Providing care for swimming pools, working on maintaining them continuously, and making cleaning them part of the daily routine

Tools and materials for cleaning swimming pools
One of the most important materials and tools needed to clean swimming pools are as follows: Telescopic column: It is a long stick that is used to fasten and fasten most of the tools needed to clean swimming pools.

Abrasive net: It is one of the most important materials for cleaning swimming pools and the most used, as it is used to remove debris accumulated on the surface of the water in and under the swimming pool, such as leaves, branches, and insects.

A special brush: used to clean and remove dirt from walls, floors, and stairs in the swimming pool.

Swimming pool vacuum cleaner: used to clean swimming pool floors, by attaching it to the telescopic pole. Sterile chlorine tablets. It is also used to sterilize the pool and its water.

How to clean swimming pools
Swimming pools are cleaned by following the following steps: The first step is to clean the pool surface using the abrasive net, by fixing it to the telescopic column, and then work to pull out dirt and foreign objects on the surface of the water, and it is preferable to do this step on a daily basis; This is to ensure that the surface is clean from contaminants.

Clean the sides of the sink and ladders with the brush, by attaching the brush to the telescopic rod and working on scrubbing these areas vigorously to remove the stuck dirt.

Cleaning the floors with a special vacuum cleaner, as cleaning is done in the same way that is used to clean carpets, by moving the vacuum cleaner to the bottom of the swimming pool, with a focus on the dirtiest areas

This process is repeated on a weekly basis, and attention must be taken here to adhere to the instructions and instructions for use attached to the vacuum, and to follow them carefully. Clean the pool filter and the surrounding area by scrubbing vigorously, removing debris and dirt; This is to prevent the filter from becoming clogged due to the accumulation of dirt on it.

Add sterile chlorine tablets to swimming pool water, as these tablets dissolve slowly, which works to release chlorine into the water, and thus sterilize swimming pools by killing germs and bacteria in them.

These discs should also be added to all tools used in swimming pools such as abrasive net and buoy. This is to ensure that it is free of germs.

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