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Search on Google

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The Google
Google was founded in late August of 1998 by Sergey Brin and his friend Paige, as it aimed in its work to arrange the vast amount of information displayed on the Internet and display it in an orderly and orderly manner.

This makes it easier for the Internet user to find the information he wants and access it, then the company’s work expanded to include providing e-mail services and delving into the range of ads related to searching on the Internet, which provided the company with annual profits of billions of dollars.

A brief history of Google
The idea of ​​creating Google appeared during 1996, as an idea for a PhD project by Brian and Page who presented it at Stanford University, where the project was based on the premise of the search engine’s ability to display search results in a better order than the methods available at the time.

By searching for topics in which search words have been repeated several times, and displaying the results within a list arranged according to the frequency of words from most to least, they called it BackRub because the search process depends on reviewing the return links for each site in order to determine the level of each of them

In 1997, they were able to apply this hypothesis to the electronic database of Stanford University, where they then documented the ownership of the idea of ​​the site, and began to implement the practical application on the site, and the official headquarters of the company was in the garage of a friend

However, when they received a number of material aid estimated at one million US dollars, they enabled them to expand their field of work and move to a bigger and more prestigious headquarters, as the great achievements of the company continued and expanded during the following years, to cover several regions of the world.

Google’s economic boom
Advertising Although Internet content is the biggest concern for Google and the largest source of its profits, it expanded its scope of work to include publications and radio publications, during the year 2006

Google bought the possession of one of the advertising companies within the radio networks, in addition to announcing its various services through radio, magazine pages and daily newspapers. As for the profits that Google reaps from its advertising activities, it is estimated at 99% of its total profits, which amounted to 10.492 billion dollars

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