Remove ads from Firefox browser

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Remove ads from Firefox browser

Сообщение merehan » 05 июн 2021, 21:17

Firefox browser
Firefox is the second most used browser around the world, and it is a free browser that was developed by Mozilla in the year 2002 AD, as it started as an experimental project by Dave Hiit and Joe Hewitt.

In addition to Black Ross, they wanted to make the browser completely separate from the Mozilla and Netscape company website, as they succeeded in completing this work in the year 2005 AD, and this browser was provided to support many operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, in addition to mobile systems. Smart like Android and iPhone

It was initially called Phoenix, or Firebird, and during its trial period this browser was able to attract many users, and was able to outperform Internet Explorer 6, which was available at that time, due to its speed, high security ratio, in addition to In addition to the add-ons and features that could be used, the name Firefox was eventually adopted

Firefox browser features
Firefox browser has many features, including the following: An open source browser, which is freely available to everyone, and any programmer can modify it in accordance with his needs and desires.

The ability to control the size of the written font, by going to the (display) option in the menu and choosing the font size.

The browser is characterized by its great speed compared to other browsers. The browser contains extensions, which allow the user to take advantage of several applications and interactive functions, such as image or music viewer, displaying the hour or temperature, or some shortcuts to search on Google and others

We can use these add-ons by going to (Tools), then clicking on the Add-ons option, then clicking on Extensions. The ability to change the appearance of the browser, or its background, through (Tools), then add-ons, and (Installed Features) is selected.

The ability to browse and display more than one page on the same window. The ability to restore the open pages in case they were closed wrongly or unintentionally, and it is also possible to save the open page and reopen it when needed. Correct spelling mistakes that occur when writing, for all languages.

How to remove ads from Firefox browser
There are many people complaining about the problems with ads appearing on Firefox, and they consider them annoying

And they are looking for ways that will enable them to get rid of this problem, but the easy and foolproof way is through a simple program that is downloaded to the device, where it is called: ADBlock Plus.

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