Features of e-marketing strategies

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Features of e-marketing strategies

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Definition of e-marketing
The term electronic marketing refers to the marketing process of different products or services over the Internet, and this process aims to deliver these products or services to different segments of people.

Companies can also take advantage of this process to deliver a message about themselves or do an Internet search

The importance of e-marketing in marketing processes stems from considering the Internet as an effective way to determine the market that will be targeted, in addition to being an aid to studying the requirements and needs of the marketing sector.

Features of e-marketing strategies
E-marketing strategies have some features that can be mentioned as follows:
Expectation: This means that the e-marketing process is based on achieving what is expected of others, and if the performance is not the same, this will reduce the credibility of the company.

Accessible: Digital marketing strategies should be easy to access, or they may need a little learning to make them more accessible.

Affordable prices: Digital marketing strategies are affordable and affordable, making them easy to adopt even for low-income startups.

Value: Digital marketing strategies have high potential returns compared to their cost.

Sensitivity towards time: E-marketing strategies are greatly affected by time, so prolonged work on them will contribute to increasing the strength of the company, and the increase in profit increases with the faster participation in it.

Create a website
The company's website is considered as a digital interface that helps to be present permanently for work, and it is also the first destination for customers who want to know more about the activities of this company before making a purchase decision or taking advantage of the services it provides; Thus, this strategy can be considered a necessity for e-marketing.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is an effective strategy for interacting with customers, whether current or potential, and is based on owning a database of customers' email addresses, and obtaining their consent for future communication

Then work on communicating via electronic newsletters, sending targeted promotional messages, or maintaining customers through special offers and rewards based on ongoing purchases.

Social media
Social networking sites can be used as one of the e-marketing strategies, as they are platforms based on communicating with people, and allowing direct communication with current and potential customers alike.

And benefit from sharing content such as photos, texts, videos, and audio recordings, in addition to the ability to obtain responses and comments from customers about business activity.

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