Why is the website design process important?

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Why is the website design process important?

Сообщение hager985 » 10 май 2021, 14:31

Why is the website design process important?

Your website design is like anything in your life that has to do with looks and looks.

In order to fully realize the importance of designing a website, think a little about the importance of choosing your clothes and the secret of your attraction to well-rounded people, choosing your place of residence and a secret.

Your attraction to certain places.

In short, think a little about the impact of look and feel on your daily decisions.

The design of your site also strongly influences a user's decision whether to stay, leave, or bookmark.

Or abandoning it permanently, or proposing it to a friend.

The design of your website also affects the performance of the search engine spiders in crawling it.

An easy-to-design site that has good design factors is prepared for crawling by search engines, which benefits the site’s performance.

In search engines.

This also applies to the indexing of the site in the search engines as well, as better-designed sites have priority in appearing in the results

The first is for search engines.


The process of designing a website is very important as it also entails the programming of the website.

If your site is well designed, organized, and has all the tools you want, then the programming task is easier.

Every feature, tool, or feature on your site must start from the design.

And now the most important question in this topic of our topic:
What should you keep in mind when designing a website to get the best possible result?

First and foremost, you should think carefully about the nature of your visitors or users, who of course depend on the nature of your site and what you offer.

For example, if your site visitors are most of them female, then this will be an important element that must be taken into account.

Females love colors and care more about accuracy, detail and shape than males.

The nature of your visitors is the most important key that you must start intellectually when thinking about designing your site.


How do I get the best design for my website?
Here are the most important factors that you must consider in order to get the best website design.

In order to be more organized, we will divide these factors into two parts: a section related to form and a section related to performance


The most important factor in a good website design is in terms of appearance


Biblical texts are the most prominent and important component of almost any website.

Therefore, you must choose the type and size of fonts on your site carefully, and it is preferable to choose the regular fonts that are used by most of the sites, especially the famous ones

Which ones the user feels familiar with.

With regard to font sizes, you should use the font size feature to highlight the importance of texts that you think are basic and important, such as:

Addresses and references to actions that you want the user to perform, such as subscribing to a mailing list.

As for font colors, they should basically be compatible with the colors you use on your site.

I especially recommend using black and white if the background is dark.


In any website design, the colors must be consistent with each other and also limited (I advise against using too many colors).

You can also control the color tones to highlight important elements of your site.

As for choosing the same colors, it depends entirely on the area in which your site specializes and the nature of your visitors.

Try to avoid bias towards your own taste, especially if it is different. Remember that your site is for your visitors and work to satisfy them.



As they say in the world of e-marketing, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Pictures are an element worth your investment as they are very useful in highlighting the design of your website and giving it a special beauty.


There is a common misconception that you should utilize every space on your site and occupy it with specific content.

The truth is quite the opposite, as the presence of empty or white spaces on the site often serves to highlight the importance of a certain thing as it helps to highlight

The beauty of the design.

Your site design must be unique and distinctive

Many times, website owners make a famous mistake in the web world, which is to take the design of a well-known website and implement it on their own sites.

The truth is that the popular sites that your users visit are reserved for them as they visit them many times.

They will notice that you have copied or implemented the designs of these sites on your site and this will leave a bad impression on them.

What I would like to point out at this point is that it's okay to let popular websites act as inspirations for you when designing your own site.

You can implement some ideas through them but avoid implementing the design with its colors and details.

The most important factor in a good website design is in terms of performance

Attracting and directing the user's eye to important elements

The design of your site should be based on highlighting the important elements that you want the user to pay attention to.

For example, the location of the social media sites' icons for your site, they must be in a clear, striking place and in front of the user's eye.

This helps you get more subscribers or followers.

Make your site friendly to all devices

In the past few years, the volume of internet users has expanded through smart mobile devices and tablets. We are now in the era of a hardware revolution

Modern mobile.

With each day the number of internet users increases through smart mobile devices.

Therefore, it has become mandatory and not an option for every website owner to make his website design suitable for smart mobile devices.

Moving from place to place on the site itself

I haven't found an article that talks about good website design that only puts navigation as one of the most important elements.

Google itself recommends that every page on your site should have at least one distinct text link on your site. Take care to let the user know

Well, the place or section in which it is located, and make moving it from place to place on your site easy, simple and clear.

The top bar for your site should contain site sections, and it is also recommended that you do an action
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