Water leak detection devices provided by Al-Hoda Company

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Water leak detection devices provided by Al-Hoda Company

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Water leak detection devices provided
Water leakage The problem of water leakage in buildings is one of the problems facing many people and results in many damages, through which large quantities of water are wasted, which economically affects the owners of the buildings.

It also increases the amount of moisture in the walls and ceilings, and this leads to damage to the building and damage to the furniture that is in contact and close to it, and it works on the appearance of fungi and mold in the house, which leads to the rust of the iron bars that are the basis of construction in any home and weaken its structure.

Water leak detection device
Moisture, wall mold and other problems that result from water leakage can be avoided by:

The use of a water leak detector There are many different devices that detect water leaks that differ in their way of working, and one of the best devices that are used is an electronic device that is able to discover the places of water leakage through the vibrations, as the water is pressurized in the pipes that may be a problem. In it and the nearby pipes, and the location of the leak and crack in the pipes is known

Through the device that blows a whistle in this place. شركة كشف تسربات المياه شمال الرياض

Humidity is known to occur when there are large quantities of vapor in the air. The more vapor the air carries, the greater the amount of moisture. Moisture has a great negative impact on buildings, it damages furniture and wall paint, leads to the occurrence of mold, and may cause many health problems for humans, so the amount of variotec 460 increases

Moisture in walls in the event that water leaks from pipes that are created during construction in the walls. The moisture that affects the walls can be eliminated by insulating the walls internally, or by using polystyrene sheets that are adhered to the gypsum, and they are attached to the wall exposed to moisture by a type of special adhesive, as this method is considered inexpensive economically. There are some things that housewives can do to get rid of the leaked water and the resulting moisture. Among these methods are the following: Properly ventilate the house, especially in the morning time and open the windows on a daily basis to renew the air entering the house. The use of double glazing in the windows in order to maintain high temperatures inside the house and reduce the process of water condensation on the walls. Installing ventilation systems, especially in rooms that do not have windows. Open the bathroom window after showering. Repair cracks on walls to prevent water leaks
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