Detection method for ground water leaks

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Detection method for ground water leaks

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Detection method for ground water leaks
Water leakage results from any defect in the water lines inside or outside the house. It also occurs as a result of any damage or damage that may occur in the sewage lines, which may occur due to lack of periodic maintenance, worn out pipes, or because of a sudden ground subsidence or for many reasons .. and among the most dangerous types And the forms of leaks that occur under the ground floor, whether from the main water connections that pass under the walls or directly next to it, or from the sewage connections, which are also next to the foundations of the house, where they have severe damage and affect the entire building and not the floor that contains the problem only because it simply affects The infrastructure and basic of the house, especially if it is ignored or delayed in discovering it, and the most dangerous thing is that most people do not care about this type of leakage and believe that it has a weak impact on the house compared to the leaks that are in the upper floors, which quickly appears to affect the ceilings and walls, but the ground leaks are not less. Dangerous than any of these leaks, but it is more dangerous than them.

The importance of detecting water leaks

Leaks in water is its exit from somewhere in the water lines as a result of a defect, rot or corrosion of the water connection line (such as plumbing extensions in homes called pipes or tubes), as the defect may result from a blockage in the lines due to salts that corrode the line or as a result of pressure On the pipes with a heavy thing or as a result of hot water from the heaters in the cold winter weather may work on a crack in one of the internal plumbing lines and here a problem appeared and we did not know about it as a homeowner because the crack has been inside the walls or the bottom of the floors and the leakage continues through the crack throughout the period of the defect and after a while you find Stains of moisture in the walls and their erosion and decomposition of what is in them as a result during this period as the water does not settle except to the bottom, you may find the place of moisture not the place of the defect that was made in the extension line and to solve such a problem we call the best leak detection company (the best water leak detection company in Riyadh - the best Makkah water leak detection company - the best water leak detection company in Jeddah) to determine the place from which the water that caused the stains or decomposition is leaking somewhere in the wall. كشف تسربات المياة براس تنورة

Damage to water leaks

Water leaks lead to major damages, including the following:

Cracks and deformations occur in the paints due to their interaction with the leaked water.
A lot of unused water is wasted as a result of water leakage, which leads to an increase in water bills.
Water seepage inside concrete walls and ceilings corrodes iron and thus affects the integrity of the home's infrastructure.
A water leakage near the electrical wires causes a lot of problems in the electricity and may harm the household members.

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Ways to avoid water leaks

It is imperative to make sure that all public traps that supply the house with water are closed in case of not staying in the house for periods of more than 12 hours.
In some devices that use water, such as heaters and coolers, water is separated from it if it is not used for long periods.
Any case of damage, fractures, or any defect in the water and sewage networks must be disposed of and dealt with quickly so as not to cause more damage and out of control. كشف تسربات المياة بسيهات
Conducting periodic checks and detecting water leaks periodically to ensure the safety of the house from problems with water leaks.

Insulation services and their relationship to detecting water leaks

Carrying out insulation work for the house is the most important thing to preserve it from all damages and risks related to water, heat, etc. Therefore, to preserve the house from all the dangers of water, roof insulation works must be done with waterproofing and thermal insulation against moisture and rain, and the bathroom insulation contributes a lot to preserving the bathroom from damage from leaks Water (water leaks in Riyadh - water leaks in Makkah - water leaks in Jeddah), as well as wall insulation, water tanks and swimming pool insulation to prevent ground leaks.

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