Ways to get rid of household insects

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Ways to get rid of household insects

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Ways to get rid of household insects
Use of organic matter
Organic materials are known as non-chemical substances in general, and this includes the use of natural, homemade recipes of garlic, pepper, onions, soap, salt and others, and the use of materials, such as barley water to get rid of slugs, wood ants, worms, rodents, and other insects, Organic materials are also considered to be moderately effective in small areas such as home gardens, where insect numbers are relatively low. They are seldom feasible or effective on a larger area.

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Use fresh herbs
Fresh herbs can be used to reduce the appearance and nesting of insects near the house. Examples of herbs that can be used include rosemary and mint. Where it is preferable to hang a bunch of these herbs near places where insects such as bees and others live.

Use of candles and lanterns
You can use some types of lanterns that are hung in the yard, which work to repel mosquitoes, and you can use long-lasting candles that contain geraniol, which is highly effective in repelling mosquitoes.

Using natural oils
Many oils are used to kill insects or repel them from the home, as these oils can be a good and safe way, and these oils include tea tree oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil, they all contain insect repellent properties, and they are safe for humans, and they are used from By putting about 6-10 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle, adding about 57 grams of water and 57 grams of white vinegar to it, then spraying the mixture around the windows and in the kitchen

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Biological control
Biological control is defined as the process of introducing predators, parasites, or diseases to control harmful insect species; The partial or total control of about 120 different insects in different parts of the world was done using this method, in addition to the dependence of farmers in many regions on microbial pesticides such as: "Bacillus Thuringiensis", which are effective against a few types of larvae.

Chemical control
There are thousands of chemical pesticides used today in homes, offices, stores, farms and other places, but they are dangerous. Because they pollute the ground, air, food, and water, and in some cases they are very dangerous for the people who use them, and for other living organisms around as well, and it is also worth considering reading the label on the insecticide, and avoiding contaminating food, drink, utensils, etc.

How to get rid of house mites
House mites can be eliminated by following the following methods:

Bed washing: The bed should be washed every week or two, and the water temperature should be 54.5 degrees Celsius, so that it can kill mites, or any household insects, and it must be noted that washing with cooler water does not kill house mites. It just removes it from the bed.
Carpet removal: Removing carpets from bedrooms is the most successful way to defeat bed mites and reduce their presence in the home.
Cleaning hard surfaces: Wiping hard surfaces with a damp towel will remove more than 90% of household bugs.
Relocation of the bedroom: Changing the location of the bedroom is essential, especially if it is located in the basement, as the humidity is higher in the basement compared to other floors.
Dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers can help remove an amount of household insects, and the humidity should be less than 35%, and for at least 22 hours a day.
Chemicals: The use of chemicals designed specifically to combat pests, but it is not effective enough in controlling household insects, and an air purifier or filters can also be used.

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