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Сообщение faraas » 09 окт 2020, 14:25

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Insects are a group of organisms from the animal kingdom, and they are not chordate, meaning they have a spinal cord or spinal cord. All insect species represent 95% of all animals on Earth. It is divided into 32 insect (group) orders, and the largest group of beetles, which includes 125 different families and about 500 thousand species. Out of every four animals on earth, there is a beetle. Scientists estimate 10% of the world's biomass comes from ants and another 10% from termites. Insects eat more plants than other creatures on our planet. It also has its importance in the analysis of plant and animal materials. Without it, the earth would have been jammed and covered by dead plants and animals. On top of all this, we find it a major source of food for other animals. And insects are beneficial to humans in a direct way as they produce honey, wax, silk and other crops, and they are important for pollinating plants to produce their fruits. They are also natural enemies of insects that destroy agriculture or eat garbage. It is also food for other creatures. It transmits diseases to animals and humans and spoils crops.
Suffice it to know that a third of the food of Americans is produced by bees. Because it pollinates the flowers that produce fruits and vegetables, whether by plants or trees. Insects consume huge amounts of food in the prairie, leaves, wood, flower nectar and small animals. She lives in our homes on clothes, wood, glue and soap. Most of them live in fresh water, especially if they are young, and a few of them live in the salt water of the oceans.
Insects are adapted to any environment on the earth, even in the arid desert and the frozen poles, except for the oceans, and insects are not animals that breathe the air, and about a million species are known to date, and there are insects that live in frozen areas and mountain peaks and secrete substances that prevent their fluids from freezing.

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Insects were among the first animals to appear on Earth 435 million years ago and were the first flying animal that appeared before the flying dinosaurs that appeared 204 million years ago. They appeared long before birds and bats, and insects helped flowering plants survive and survive by pollinating them. And insects appeared on Earth 400 million years ago. And now it lives everywhere from rainforests to polar regions.
Scientists believe that insects are successful in survival, because they have an external structure that protects them and because they are small and most of them can fly. Their small size and the presence of wings with which they fly helped them to escape from their enemies and migrate to new environments. And because it is small, it consumes a small amount of food. It can live in clefts and small spaces. And reproduction frequently and quickly.

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Love checking out this blog :)

Сообщение FrankJScott » 23 окт 2020, 05:50

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Loved reading through this site :)

Сообщение FrankJScott » 23 окт 2020, 17:28

Pressfarm is just a media database that assists entrepreneurs discover writers to write about their startups. Construct a list of reporters and get listed in start-up sites in minutes. Using our media outreach program, you can now search for journalists from various niches, publications and classes to find a very good match for your story.

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